Pac-Man Vs to come free with R: Racing on Cube

Electronic Arts have confirmed that the Gamecube version of R: Racing - the latest game in Namco's Ridge Racer series - will come packaged with Pac-Man Vs when it's released in the UK in March. This update of the classic maze game offers link-up play between Gamecube and GBA for up to four players and, to the surprise of many, was the focal point of Nintendo's press event at last year's E3 trade show.

While one player uses the Game Boy Advance to control Pac-Man as he munches as many pills as possible, up to three other players on the Gamecube control the ghosts and chase Pac-Man around the board. If a player's ghost catches Pac-Man, those players swap controllers and the game continues, with the winner being whoever reaches a predetermined score first.

While Pac-Man Vs has generally been met with positive reviews - NGC said it's a tremendous multiplayer game, if somewhat lacking on the single-player front - R: Racing hasn't fared quite so well, with PSM2 recently awarding it a meagre 37%...

R: Racing/Pac-Man Vs is released for Gamecube on 26 March