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Overwatch's new hero is a four-legged robot tank named Orisa

Meet Orisa, the next hero headed to Overwatch and probably the first naive but good-intentioned robot centaur you've seen this week. Probably. She's the creation of in-fiction robotics wunderkind Efi Oladele, which explains that teaser Blizzard put out last week. In game terms, she's a tank who also has several support abilities to help her team and disrupt the enemy.

Check out her official character page for a quick rundown of her abilities - her Protective Barrier power and Supercharger ultimate may make her the new favorite tank for playing defense. Watch this developer update with game director Jeff Kaplan for more insight into Orisa.

Yes, Kaplan does specifically mention Doomfist in that video - the imposingly named fellow is the one who wrecked all of Orisa's predecessors. It's a near certainty at this point that Doomfist will join the roster, the only question is how long it will take for him to show up.

As for Orisa, she's currently playable on Overwatch's PC-only Public Test Realms. Ana and Sombra, the two previous post-launch heroes, didn't take long to make the jump into live servers, so hopefully console players won't need to wait long to boot up their very own Overwatch Tachikoma.

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