Overwatch's first-ever seasonal event adds the Rocket League-like Lucioball mode

You can basically play Rocket League in Overwatch right now; the multiplayer sensation of summer 2016 has taken liberal inspiration from the multiplayer sensation of summer 2015 for its latest limited-time Brawl. Lucioball takes place in a new speed-boost and jump-pad sprinkled soccer arena and even reworks the abilities for its eponymous character. And yes, you do have to play as Lucio.

You can even put him in a new Olympic-themed outfit before you take to the field. Er, sorry, a Summer Games-themed outfit: Lucioball is part of Overwatch's first ever seasonal event, Summer Games 2016, and it includes special loot boxes that will give out limited-time customization items. It's definitely not affiliated with the super-litigious Olympics so no need to call anybody's lawyer!

The Summer Games will go on from now through August 22, and all the loot boxes you collect in that time (either by leveling up or through microtransactions) are guaranteed to reward at least one of more than 100 new items. These include outfits themed after each character's home country, victory poses with a gold medal, athletic emotes, and of course a bunch of spray tags. Whatever you manage to collect by August 22 is yours forever, but that's it, at least until the next Summer Games roll around.

I'm not all that into the Olympics, personally, so I'm mostly just looking forward to trying out Lucioball. But even more than that, I'm now unreasonably excited for whatever Blizzard has planned for the Halloween update. We're talking Crypt Keeper Junkrat and Frankenstein's Roadhog at the absolute minimum, right?

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