Overwatch Leak reveals design for new hero Sombra and a Zombie Halloween Game Mode

Hold onto your horses because images of Sombra, the newest hero to be added to Overwatch, have been leaked online via Twitter. Rumours were circulating that she might be appearing soon after her skull icon appeared on a candy in the Overwatch Halloween Loot Box, but the recent images released pretty much confirmed our suspicions. 

So, who is Sombra? She’s a hacker who used to work with Reaper in the shadowy Talon organisation, so for a start she’s got some kind of metal grafted onto the side of her head, which could be the augmentations she ‘upgraded’ as described in the bio below her image. I’d be willing to bet that she has more fancy bionic body parts that allow her to hack into computers, like the wires in her gloves which might hint that she has some electric-touch abilities. But if those fail, I’m sure the uzi in her right hand will come in useful. The small triangular devices on her belt look like they could be electromagnetic pulse bombs which would certainly be in-keeping with her technology-focused aesthetic and skills.  

Above her portrait is the telling phrase ‘she will be hacking her way into the build later tonight’, so she could make a surprise appearance in-game to help out with the leaked new Halloween-themed game mode, to ‘protect the castle doors from Zomnics and Dr Junkenstein’s evil allies.’ Zomnics sound like they’ll be zombie Omnics, saved from the scrapile by Dr Junkenstein and now being hurled at the doors of a spooky castle map probably found in the Halloween loot box. 

Eagle-eyed users pointed out that the bio below her image says that she ‘lost everything’ in the Omnic Crisis, which might explain the mysterious unnamed woman in Overwatch official art. If the woman with a sleek armoured - possibly robotic - arm isn’t her, it could be her mother, whose high-tech limb might explain Sombra’s familiarity with technology. They certainly look similar. 

To see what else is in the works for Overwatch, take a look at the article on Overwatch's latest update or you can read my wild speculation about the kind of skills the Sombra could be getting in the Overwatch Halloween Leak article.

Zoe Delahunty-Light

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