An Overwatch leak might have confirmed a new hero, Halloween highlight intros and more

A screenshot of Overwatch’s Halloween Loot box (in-game rewards for levelling up) has been leaked, showing that players will be able to deck out their characters with a random assortment of seasonal bonus items, but the leak also seems to have hinted that a new hero might be appearing soon. 

Once the loot boxes are released expect new creepy graffiti sprays, special costumes, themed Play of the Game intros, and spooky victory poses to hit the game, but there’s no information yet about whether the loot boxes will be dropped randomly in the game or have to be bought.

The leak is a pretty good haul as it is, but it looks like there’s confirmation of the much-speculated new playable hero Sombra, as her skull icon is on a purple sweet wrapper beneath Reaper’s mask. 

Sombra is already quietly featured in the game via subtle references as being a hacker and cryptographer (someone who encrypts secure messages) by Reaper himself, so we could be seeing her emerge as a new playable hero in Overwatch soon especially as the recent update from Game Director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that one is in the works. 

There’s a distinct gap in the hero line-up at the moment for a stealth class, so perhaps Sombra (especially as her name means Shadow in Spanish) will have some sneaky computer skills like hacking into Torbjorn’s turret, D-Va’s mecha or maybe even Zenyatta himself, as he is a robotic omnic. Or maybe she’ll be able to turn invisible as one of her abilities, or scramble the video feed of players near her kind of like a souped-up version of the Spy in Team Fortress 2. Regardless, we can’t wait to see the new items from the Halloween Loot Box and whichever new hero ends up heading our way.  

Zoe Delahunty-Light

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