Overwatch Baptiste character – tips and tricks to get the most from their abilities and ultimate

Overwatch Baptiste
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The newest addition to the game’s all-star lineup, Overwatch Baptiste is a support hero who’s unique in a plethora of ways. From his sky-high jumping to his multi-purpose biotic weapon, Baptiste is kitted out with lots of fun features that can impose an astronomical impact on any given game. He’s also got access to some of the most unique abilities to have appeared in Overwatch yet, which are tough to use properly at first, but incredibly effective once you develop a bit of know-how.

Overwatch Baptiste abilities and ultimate

Overwatch Baptiste

Baptiste’s passive ability is tied to his fancy footwear, or “Exo Boots.” When Baptiste crouches, his exo boots generate some kind of charge, which allows him to skyrocket off the ground up to a height of over nine meters. This is very fun to do, but it’s also got some massive tactical benefits. It can provide Baptiste with access to otherwise inaccessible high ground, which can make for some interesting strategies with other vertically-inclined heroes. It can also allow him to jump straight up in the air from the middle of a team fight, from which position he can rain a barrage of healing grenades from above and keep his team in tip-top shape.

Baptiste’s Immortality Field is one of the most interesting abilities we’ve seen in Overwatch to date. Any allies who stand within the field’s range will be rendered temporarily invulnerable, allowing them to survive at 20% HP even if they’ve taken sufficient damage to be eliminated. While this is a very powerful asset to any team, it has a cooldown of 20 seconds so it’s best to use this ability sparingly for maximum effectiveness.

Overwatch Baptiste

Baptiste can’t heal himself with his weapon, but he can use Regenerative Burst, which heals him 30 HP per second for five seconds. Regenerative Burst also heals nearby teammates, which makes it an invaluable ability for massive team fights, providing all allies within its range with up to 150 burst healing, supplemented by Baptiste’s healing grenades. While it’s important to heal yourself, try to make the most of Regenerative Burst by using it near low-health teammates wherever possible.

Baptiste’s Ultimate is Amplification Matrix, which creates a field through which healing and damage projectiles are amplified by 100%. Essentially, any bullet fired through the matrix with deal 200% damage to the enemy it connects with. It’s important to place this in a position that actually benefits your team, as there’s no point in setting it up somewhere that you can’t fire through. It’s also imperative that your team pushes through the matrix when they’re in need of healing, so Baptiste and the other healers can fire through it for 200% healing output. Communication is the key to successfully alternating between firing through the matrix and pushing forward to be healed through it.

Overwatch Baptiste tips and tricks

Overwatch Baptiste

Know your weapon: Like Ana’s Biotic Rifle, Baptiste’s Biotic Launcher is capable of dealing both damage and healing. Obviously it’s essential to prioritize healing over damage output, so you’ll mostly be using your alternate fire, which launches healing grenades that burst-heal teammates within a three meter radius. As a result, it’s very easy to spam heal with Baptiste, especially when you take Regenerative Burst into account. When you decide to deal damage, it’s necessary to go for headshots as much as possible, as he does barely any damage with his three-round-burst primary fire. Baptiste reloads both his grenades and burst rounds when he reloads the Biotic Launcher, so it’s fine to exhaust both when you’re in the thick of an intense team fight.

Know who counters Baptiste: Baptiste is big, but only has a standard HP-pool. As a result, he’s almost as easy to hit as a tank, but is far less formidable a foe. He’s particularly susceptible to snipers like Widowmaker and Hanzo, and high-HP characters like Roadhog and D.Va can easily overwhelm him thanks to his shallow HP-pool and minimal damage output. When you play Baptiste, it’s important to stick with your tanks, as they can soak up damage so you don’t have to. In return, you can heal them until you’re sufficiently close to an enemy to swarm them. Baptiste’s only true means of foiling his counters are by cooperating with his teammates, so be sure to communicate with them to the best of your ability.

Overwatch Baptiste

Best strategies for Baptiste: When you play Baptiste, you’ll want to play close to the back of your team. That way, you’ll be mostly safe from harm and can heal multiple allies at once with your healing grenades. When your team is topped up, try to get some burst shots off from behind whatever shield your tank is using, preferably aiming for as many headshots as possible. Make sure Regenerative Burst is off cooldown for when the enemy team inevitably breaks through your defenses, and don’t be afraid to use Immortality Field if your team is looking a little worse for wear. Although Amplification Matrix is still a bit confusing for lots of people, don’t fret too much if you don’t get a whole lot of value out of it. Baptiste’s Ultimate charges incredibly fast, so you’ll have another one in no time if you’re healing as much as you should be.

Heroes with the best synergy with Baptiste: Baptiste, like Ana, is a healer that’s specifically geared toward tanks. Baptiste is at his best when he’s splash-healing big targets in front of him, which means he synergizes brilliantly with Roadhog, Reinhardt, Zarya, and pretty much every tank in the game. DPS picks don’t matter a whole lot when it comes to Baptiste, but certain support heroes can make excellent companions for him. Because of how low his damage output is, Baptiste benefits massively from Zenyatta’s Orb of Discord, and because of how well-suited he is to bulky tank compositions, a Lucio can help him support a fast-moving, tank-heavy team designed to rush points as quickly and aggressively as possible. Baptiste can lay down an incredible amount of healing in a startlingly short period of time, but it’s an absolute must to have at least two tanks on a team with him. Also, most importantly of all: Every time you win a fight, be sure to spam the voice line, “Thank you, Baptiste! Oh, you're welcome."

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