Overwatch 2 bug turns Bastion into an unstoppable mortar cannon

Overwatch 2
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A new Overwatch 2 exploit is turning Bastion's Ultimate ability into an unstoppable barrage.

Over the past weekend, the Reddit post on the Overwatch 2 subreddit came to light, detailing a new bug in Blizzard's shooter. It turns out that Bastion is sometimes able to fire off his Ultimate ability until the timer runs out, instead of being automatically restricted to firing three times. Poor Bastion, he didn't ask for this supreme power.


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If you don't know, or if you're a lapsed Overwatch player like myself, gone are the days of Bastion's turret cannon Ultimate ability - part of many Overwatch 2 hero changes and reworks. Instead, the robot now rains down death from above in the form of mortar shells, with the player given ten seconds to fire off three mortar rounds within the nearby vicinity.

Now, a new bug in Overwatch 2 allows the Bastion player to fire mortar shells until the timer expires relentlessly. This is potentially devastating for a team trying to hold an objective, or locked down in a certain area of the map, as the endless mortar shells could tear through even Reinhardt's shield.

Since first being posted on the Overwatch subreddit, the post above has amassed over 15,100 total upvotes, which surely must've put it squarely on Blizzard's radar - provided the dev team wasn't already aware of the error in the first place. Here's hoping Blizzard can get this exploit fixed sooner rather than later for the Overwatch 2 community.

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