How to set up Overwatch 2 crossplay and play with your friends

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Yes, Overwatch 2 does have crossplay, which means you can play with your friends on other platforms once you’ve added them through Thankfully, it’s a really easy process too as it only requires you to link your console accounts to a account – something that is required to even play Overwatch 2 in the first place – and adding your friends can all be done through the in-game menus. We’ve got all the details on getting Overwatch 2 crossplay up and running by adding your pals below.

How to add friends in Overwatch 2 for crossplay

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Regardless of which platform you play on, Overwatch 2 crossplay is handled through your account. Since a account, or one linked to your console account, is mandatory to even play Overwatch 2, you’re pretty much ready to go and the only thing you’ll need to do is add friends via – if you’re a new console player, creating and linking your and console accounts is the same as setting up cross-progression and account merging in Overwatch 2. Here’s how to add friends in Overwatch 2:

  1. From the Overwatch 2 main menu, scroll down and select the ‘Social’ menu to bring up your friends list.
  2. Click the ‘Add A Friend’ button and then enter your friend’s account name or their email address, then send the request. If they accept your request, you’ll become friends and will appear on each other’s friends lists on and Overwatch 2.

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Overwatch 2 Competitive

Overwatch 2 Competitive

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Ascend the ranks with your friends in Overwatch 2 Competitive and see how the new system works. 

If you’re playing on PC, the Overwatch 2 Social menu will show only friends you’ve added through but if you’re playing on an Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch console, it’ll show your existing friends from that platform, as well as anyone you’ve added via You can also add recent players by navigating to the ‘Recent Players’ tab of the Social menu, selecting a player’s icon, and then choosing the ‘Add Friend’ option to send them a friend request. If you’re using the app on PC, you can also click the icon of a person with a ‘+’ just to add someone by entering their name or email address.

Overwatch 2 crossplay also means you’ll be mixed with players on other platforms in regular matches, unless you’re playing on PC. As with a lot of other games that feature crossplay, console players are always kept separate from PC players in matchmaking. However, if you are a console player and you party up with a PC player, you will be put in matches with other PC players.

Now that you’ve added your friends, you’ll be able to invite each other and party up to dive into some matches together. Make sure you know about all the Overwatch 2 characters and roles, which ones we recommend with our Overwatch 2 tier list.

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