Overlord - hands-on

"This is not proper behavior for a lord of darkness." At least, that's what we thought as we lumbered into a wall while blindly flailing at some off-screen hobbit-like "halflings" in an early build of Overlord. The game starts you off with God-like powers, a crazy looking axe, a suit of armor that oozes pure badassedness, and a free ticket to take over the world. Only, your God-like powers aren't all that God-like. Your undoubtedly cool looking - yet wimpy - weapon strikes fear into the heart of no one. And your armor cracks from the damaging blows of rocks hurled by midgets. Stubborn camera control and lots of backtracking in the levels don't bode well for this upcoming semi-strategic beat 'em up brawler.

However, Overlord has a charming funny factor that shines through. There is no good or evil path in the game. Your choices in how you achieve world domination are evil, or really evil. And we're not talking about Stalin evil or Lord Voldemort evil. We're talking Dr. Evil "Evil" - that's Evil with a capital "E." As the dark Overlord proper, your character will gain more wicked powers to wield, but it's the hordes of minions at the Overlord's command that are the real stars of the show and they do their job well.