Over G Fighters Cheats

Over G Fighters Hints

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Your Daddy

    Barrel Rolls and Other Sweet Stuff

    If you want to do barrel rolls, yaw, and anything else you want to do that you can do on other fighter jet games, just play on advanced. The only thing that makes it harder is that you don't have unlimited missiles and machine gun ammo. Other than that, it is a lot more fun. You fire off your own flares to distract the missiles, it actually gives you an advantage. All you have to do when a missile is fired at you is shut off your afterburners, launch the flares, (I recommend doing it a few seconds before the missile hits you), then pull into a high G roll. When the missile loses track of you, DON'T FLY STRAIGHT. The missile is still flying. I figured that out the hard way. If it hits you, even though it's not tracking, your dead. Turn away and fire your after burners back up, if you have a plane that has them, and get moving. On advanced, you can't just fly over the airfield and do the AUTO LAND.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Best pilot u've ever seen

    Best way to Evade Missiles

    You may have found it hard to evade missiles in this sludge like environment we call air. When you get tone (the missile launch warning) decrease throttle to 85% and go to the right. Use your rudders to go down or up (left or right triggers) when the missile is about .2 nautical miles on your radar. Or go in the opposite direction of missile and light the fires and kick the tires (hit a/b's)

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Charles Temple

    Easier to Lock-on Targets

    When you are in a mission and there are fighter jets against you, there will be green auto-locks on them. It usually takes a while for the auto-locks to become red to fire at them. Don't wait until they become red - instead press X to switch to your "gun mode" and your auto-locks on the fighter jets will become red. Then switch back to your "missile mode" and now your auto-lock targets will remain red until you fire your missiles.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by DJ

    Taking Down Enemies

    When fighting enemy fighters, never give them a chance to fire at you. Go into full speed. Once you have a lock, fire off a missile, and switch targets to see if any other fighters are in range. If not, get out of dodge and go down to about 500ft. Slow down to about 45% and stall until you have the advantage of getting behind another aircraft. Then do the same thing again.

Over G Fighters Unlockables

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Xtrod!

    Unlock Hell Mode

    To unlock Hell Mode, beat Scenario Mode on Expert.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Tjw!

    Unlockable Fighters

    Unlock F/A-18 Hornet: Beat sub-mission 7 in area 2

    Unlock F-15C Fighter: Beat sub-mission 5 in area 4

    Unlock Mig-29G: Beat Sub-mission 10 in Area 4

    Unlcok F-16C: Beat sub-mission 4 in area 2

    Unlock F-117A: Beat tactical mission 1 in area 4

    Unlock Jas39A: Beat sub-mission 4 in area 5

    Unlock Su-27: Beat tactical mission 2 in area 5

    Unlock F-16AM: Beat Sub-mission 6 in Area 5

    Unlock F-15E: Beat tactical mission 1 in area 6

    Unlock F-35B: Beat Sub-mission 7 in Area 7. Doing this mission will make the mission that unlocks the F-22A unavailable.

    Unlock F-22A: Beat Sub-mission 10 in Area 7 to unlock the F-22A for use in scenario mode. Doing this mission will make the mission that unlocks the F-35B unavailable.