Outpost Kaloki X Cheats

Outpost Kaloki X Unlockables

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Saeroaer!


    Friend of Wally - Built a habitat for Wally
    Survivor - Get a Gold Medal time in the Survival scenari
    Eight-Port Master - Get a Gold medal on The Eight-Port Challenge scenario

    Honorary Fish - Complete Adventure Story Chapter 10: "Deja Vu"
    Fed and Entertained - Complete Adventure Story Chapter 8: "Military Madness"
    Sir Protector From Asteroids - Complete The Hammer Scenario
    Marksman - Complete War Story Mission 4: Into the Warp
    Max Power - Convince Max Power to lend a hand in War Story Mission 6: The Attack

    War Story Complete - Finish the War Story
    War Story Gold - Finish the War Story w/ all gold medals
    Adventure Story Complete - Finish the Adventure Story
    Adventure Story Gold - Finish the Adventure Story w/ all gold medals