Outland alive

Blizzard has released an interactive map of the new continent-sized area of Outland that players can explore when the Burning Crusade expansion is released this holiday season. A quick perusal of the map reveals seven zones with a whopping six new raid dungeons and four neutral towns.

Theirs is pretty good (click on that link above and check it out for yourself), but in our never-ending efforts to satisfy our treasured readers, we decided to put our own spin on it. Below, you'll see the map of Outland with little numbers stuck on it to call out points of interest and, below that, you'll find we've provided handy links to what we've said about these areas in past preview articles, to give you an idea of what these places actually have to offer. Just one thing, though- please forgive our misspellings of the names of some of these locations...

1.Hellfire Citadel
2.Honor Hold
3. Thrallmar
4. Halaa
5.Terokkar Forest
6. The Path of Glory
7. The Dark Portal

September 14, 2006