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Our disc picks of the week

Director/pop-artist spawn Mitchell Lichtenstein ladels on the Russ Meyer-riffing schlock in this winceful tale of a campus hottie with fangs in her front-bottom. Jess Weixler is spunky and scathing as the unpopped-cherry sexbomb (think Reese Witherspoon, only Lethally Blonde).

I feel that I should recommend something from Universal's Cinema Classics label, or newly released A Taste of Honey. But I can't, because I haven't seen any of the former and the latter bores me to tears.

Instead, Kurosawa's great experiment with perspective is a rare beast - historically important, critically acclaimed and actually entertaining. Whilst die-hard fans should still go for the Criterion version of the movie (the extras are simply outstanding), if you just want to catch up on vintage Japanese cinema you can't go wrong with this disc. The transfer is crisp, the audio has been cleaned up and there's even a documentary about the film. Great stuff.