Opera, chicks and a monkey

U-Carmen e-Khayelitsha is a poignant adaptation of George Bizet’s moving Opera Carmen, thrown into the middle of a modern-day South African township.

Directed by Mark Dornford-May, it follows the tale of love between Carmen and Don Jose - this new slant on a warbling classic has hoovered up armfuls of festival awards including nods from Cannes, Toronto, Chicago and London. This beautifully shot flick arrives on your screens this Friday.

DOA: Dead Or Alive is a video game adap centring on a gaggle of female ass-kickers battling to the death in a competition set on an exotic island. Featuring the acting styles of Aussie throat-clearer Holly Valance, along with Jaime Pressly, Matthew Marsden and Eric Roberts - this Charlie’s Angels-esque extravaganza hits our shores on 1 September.

Finally, if romance, song and open-hand slaps aren’t your thing, check out the trailer for Will Ferrell’s new animated comedy Curious George. Ferrell plays The Man In The Yellow Hat, who is given the run-around by his pet monkey George - the hairy little blighter gets himself into everything. One for the kids, George swings into cinemas on the 26 May.