Opening the Book Of Eli

Albert and Allen Hughes launched their mainstream movie careers in 2001 with Alan Moore adaptation From Hell, which received a bit of a kicking from critics, mostly for Heather Graham’s dodgy accent as a prostitute. Still, their first film Menace II Society was ace, so we'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Since Hell, they’ve spent their time mostly trying to get films going without much success. But now it looks like they might actually have something wheezing into production.

That something is Book Of Eli, a drama that follows a lone hero battling his way across a post-apocalyptic (read: destroyed) America, while protecting a sacred book that likely holds the key to saving everyone. We’re guessing it’s not written by Barbara Cartland. The script’s been penned by former Total Film contributor Gary Whitta, with Joel Silver overseeing the dosh.

The Brothers Hughes are in the middle of casting and also praying to any deity who’ll listen for the film to actually start shooting. And even if it doesn’t, they have several other projects bubbling away, including a remake of the TV show Kung Fu and Mafia hitman biopic The Ice Man.