Ooblets patch once thought impossible lets you sit on chairs

(Image credit: Glumberland)

Despite the seemingly insurmountable odds, a new Ooblets patch finally lets you sit on chairs. But not just chairs! Couches too, and benches, and even those cushioned window seats.

In a new blog post enthusiastically titled 'Sitting Update!', developer Glumberland announced some long-needed relief for your sore legs. Better yet, sitting in Ooblets slowly recovers your energy just like it does in real life, unless you sit too much for your job in which case here's your reminder to get up and walk around the house.

"They said it couldn't be done. That it was preposterous. But we didn't believe them," Glumberland says. "We decided to prove them wrong by dedicating all our resources and efforts towards one impossible goal. 

It took our R&D department years, but we didn't falter. We knew there'd be a breakthrough eventually, and we were right. We did it. We actually did it. You can now SIT. ON. CHAIRS. Let that sink in. See a chair in the game? You can sit on it. You are no longer relegated to the standing world."

As exciting is sitting is, it isn't the only thing included in the latest Ooblets patch. There's also a bunch of bug fixes and optimizations. Here's the full changelog, straight from Glumberland:

  • Fixed playable instruments
  • Fixed longleg ooblet animations
  • Updated oobnet signal indicator
  • Particle system optimization
  • Optimizations for dance battles
  • Removed ghost chair in tinstle’s office
  • Fabricuter UI fix
  • Fix indoor lighting w/r/t weather
  • Add warning if you buy furniture before being able to place it
  • Fixed move UI ordering
  • Fix hats showing up as wrong color in menu

If you want to make the most of your time in Oob, these handy Ooblets tips are as helpful as ever.

Jordan Gerblick

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