One Love review

Don Letts (The Clash, Elvis Costello), One Love is a Caribbean take on Romeo And Juliet with a reggae musician and a pastor's daughter standing in for the love-struck teens. No, not the most inspired of ideas, but the storyline's a thing of genius compared with the disastrous casting of Ky-Mani Marley, son of the late, great Bob. As the male lead, Marley Jr is unsuited to carrying a movie since he's as uncomfortable on-camera as his old man used to be whenever the Drugs Squad paid him a visit. Thankfully, not everything on show is so dire, the supporting cast (including Lock, Stock's Vas Blackwood) pulling their weight and Letts and collaborator Rick Elgood competently capturing the many flavours of modern Jamaica. But if you feel compelled to watch a movie called One Love, you're better off with the 1999 all-star Bob Marley tribute concert movie of the same name.


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