One Last Chance review

There's gold in dem dere hills, and three Scottish no-hopers are determined to find it in Stewart Svaasand's winning debut feature.

Fitz (Jamie Sives) can't wait to leave the tiny Highland town of Tullybridge, but loyalties to his dependent father and two clueless pals - - local barman Seany (Kevin McKidd) and mobile grocer Nellie (Iain Robertson) - - prevent him from making the break. Until, that is, the discovery of a golden nugget offers him one last chance of escape...

Shamelessly indebted to the likes of Whisky Galore!, Local Hero and Shallow Grave, this mordant black comedy packs in enough wry humour and sly details to keep viewers wearing smiles. Highlights include a scary crime boss (James Cosmo) with "hate" tattooed on both sets of knuckles and a curling club - - yes, curling club - - whose initiation rituals border on the Masonic. Watch out, too, for executive producer Dougray Scott, who shows up in a brief but telling cameo as Frankie The Fence.


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