Okami sequel inbound? The original director says "Okami is going to be back"

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Ikumi Nakamura may have left Tango Gameworks and the development of GhostWire:Tokyo last month, but she's certainly kept herself busy. And by busy, I mean she's teasing an Okami sequel with the original game's director, Hideki Kamiya. 

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In a Tweet posted to Nakamura's account on October 18, she and Kamiya are standing in front of a PlatinumGames logo (presumably in the studio's HQ), when Kamiya says, "Okami is going to be back" and gives the camera a thumbs up. Nakamura's reaction is all of ours'- she raises her eyebrows and asks, "Really?!" Although Kamiya reassures her, it seems like this Tweet is more of a temperature take on how fans would react to an Okami sequel, especially if you consider the praying hands emoji and the sly tagging of Capcom, who owns the rights to the Okami franchise. 

It's a clever move - whip the fans up into a frenzy and throw the ball in Capcom's court so that it can look like the bad guy if it denies us an Okami sequel 13 years after the original's release. Kamiya founded PlatinumGames in 2006 with other former members of the Capcom team, but Nakamura is currently studio-less. Did she go to PlatinumGames just to hang out? Or to join the team and help Kamiya drum up a pitch for an Okami sequel that they can send over to Capcom? 

We reached out to Capcom for a comment on the potential Okami sequel and got a response from PR that "Capcom has made no annoucements." For now, it's nice to know that Kamiya and Nakamura want to work together on another Okami game. Hopefully the hype can get this wolf train out of the station.

Ikumi Nakamura may not be working on it anymore, but here's everything we know about GhostWire: Tokyo.  

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