Jan 4, 2008

Try playing Twilight Princess after staying awake for 72 consecutive hours and you%26rsquo;ll be well on your way to understanding what Okami, formerly developed for and released on PS2, is all about. Taking control of a Sun Goddess reincarnated in the form of a white wolf, and accompanied on your travels by- yes! - a talking flea, you set out to do%26hellip; er%26hellip; slay some demons, indulge in some lady rescue, that kind of thing. The plot (of which there is plenty, admittedly) isn%26rsquo;t so important. It%26rsquo;s about the ride, not the destination.

What makes Okami such a (ahem) stroke of genius- and a perfect fit for Wii- is the unique way that you interact with the world. You can turn the game world into an easel at any moment and %26lsquo;draw%26rsquo; stuff onto the environment. You could draw a bomb, a gust of wind, or even a jet of water. The dungeon puzzles are about as taxing as a Saturday Morning TV competition question, it%26rsquo;s true, but it%26rsquo;s all so lovely, you won%26rsquo;t even notice. As mad as a brush, this one. Be sure to check out thescreens.

Above: This tussle with Orochi is amazing; each of the heads needs a different brush technique to kill it off