Official PlayStation Magazine UK teases new Batman: Arkham City art, reveals new look Harley Quinn

Our friends over at the Official PlayStation Magazine in the UK have a world exclusive scoop on Batman: Arkham City and they've given us asneak-peek at the splendid cover art. Deputy Editor, Leon Hurley has this message for you all...

Got a diary? Turn to Thursday, September 2nd and write down “Official PlayStation Magazine UK out!” You can’t miss it, it’s got that stunning new piece of Batman: Arkham City art on the cover. And a massive feature on the super-sequel inside. Team OPM UK visited Rocksteady to talk to the team, see the game in action, eat their donuts, and all to bring you UK exclusive info, interviews and screens. As you can see, Harley’s had a makeover. That’s all we can say online, though.

As well as Batman, we’ve also reviewed F1 2010, every Move launch game and previewed Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Smackdown vs Raw 2011 and FIFA 2011. Plus there’s new info on Alice: Madness Returns, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Batman, did we mention Batman?

What do you think of the new look Harley Quinn? Has this teaser imagemade you even more excited for the return of the Batman? Well, pick up a copy of OPM UK on September 2nd for even moreinformationon Batman: Arkham City.

26th August 2010