Official Dark Knight stills online

Warner Brothers have released a batch of official stills from The Dark Knight and there's some new shots in there. Head on over to MovieWeb to see them.

Then go to Black Film to read their excellent interview with Michael Jai White, who plays Gamble in Knight. We especially like his tribute to Heath Ledger: "He was incredible. He was a really nice guy. I discovered gradually in certain elements of how much of a nice guy he was."

"I noticed one day he was in his full Joker gear and he wasn’t going to be filmed that entire day. It was all on the other guys. Heath could have came in dressed in jeans and a t-shirt if he wanted to, but he dressed like that for the benefit of the other actors to play off of him. Here’s a guy who was very successful, and puts himself through hours of prosthetics and wearing uncomfortable clothes just to help out other actors; and no one would have blamed him if he just wore jeans and a t-shirt, but he wasn’t opposed to it at all."

Source: ( Movieweb ) ( BlackFilm )