Of Dice And Men: the feature film

The "geek movie without the self-loathing" gets official support from Steve Jackson's GURPS

Gamers and non-gamers alike will feel like they're on a roll when they meet John Francis and his group of quirky, role-playing companions in comedy Of Dice And Men , being adapted into a feature film.

Of Dice And Men

Based on the 2010 hit play by Cameron McNary, which debuted at the PAX gaming convention, the story takes a fresh look at gamers, examining the relationships between John and his friends. And, after one of his best friends enlists to go to Iraq, the questions he faces about his fantasy life in comparison to the real world.

McNary describes it as “a hip, very funny, deeply touching play that challenges the stereotypes about gamers and gaming." Inspiration for the play came from McNary’s own experiences in the world of tabletop and role-playing games and his friend’s genuine decision to enlist in the Marines. He continues: " Of Dice And Men is important to gamers because it portrays them as the kind of people you want to be around, and the kind you want to be."

The film, which has received permission from Steve Jackson Games, maker of the GURPS role-playing system, to use its gaming supplements, will shoot for 10 days in locations in Maryland and Northern Virginia. To fund the project, the team has turned to the crowdfunding website Indiegogo and you can invest up until tomorrow (just a day to go!). More information on Of Dice And Men can be found at its website, www.ofdicemen.com .

Abbie Leachman

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