Nothing yet from Ubi on Beyond Good & Evil sequel

The sequel to Beyond Good & Evil, almost unequivocally one of the most missed games of the last generation, has been in production for over a year according to the main lead. Ubisoft has yet to say anything about it though.

Speaking to Jeux Video magazine, creative lead Michel Ancel confirmed its development, but revealed that it's currently only being developed by a small team as Ubisoft has yet to give it the green light.

"We want to be a continuity of the first, with a wide variety of stages in the game, a lot of emotions in the gameplay and engaging characters", he said to Jeux France. "This time we enter the planet's future".

We've contacted Ubisoft for comment and are awaiting a reply from the head office. With Ubidays just around the corner though (May 28), dare we hope to hear more then? Yes, we dare...

Courtesy of CVG

May 15, 2008