Not many details emerge on Spielberg's EA games

The first details have been revealed on one of the top secret games that Stephen Spielberg has been crafting for EA. The Wii game is being touted by Newsweek as an "action-puzzle simulator" going under the working title of PQRS.

It's being described as a game that blends the creativity of Jenga with the charm of a Saturday-morning cartoon; you'll be able to manipulate blocks with the Wii Remote. What that means, we're not quite sure.

Spielberg is rumored to be working on a total of three games for the publisher and first details on LMNO (another working title) for PS3 and 360 were also revealed in a Newsweek report. LMNO is being pitched as North by Northwest meets E.T.

Why these people don't just come out and say what’s going on with these games is beyond us. Spielberg says, "The challenge is, can the game have an emotional impact on players while they are actively manipulating the world?"

Hopefully E3 will shed more light on Spielberg's titles. You never know, he might even show his face at the event.

Spotted by Kotaku.

July 9, 2007