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Not just Final Fantasy

Every gamer's taken a crack at Final Fantasy. The latest in the series, the long-awaited Final Fantasy XII, is set to debut later this year, maybe as the PlayStation 2's last massive classic. But today Square Enix, the company behind the series, is set to show that it has a lot more to offer than a single epic adventure.

Final Fantasy XII (PS2)

Above: Final Fantasy XII is set to turn heads at May's E3 show

Final Fantasy XII is the biggest star, of course. You can read ourhands-on previewif you want to know more. The RPG, which changes things up considerably from previous installments - randomly occurring battles with monstars are gone, the story is grittier and more political - will be out this fall.

But even with the PlayStation 3 set to steal hearts and headlines at May's E3 video game show, Square Enix is preparing a handful of big name titles for its aging ancestor, the PS2. It's even bringing back two fan-favorite series that haven't seen new console installments since the late PlayStation days: Valkyrie Profile and the Mana series.