Nolan takes on next Batman and Superman

Yesterday, we ran rumour control on a report from Deadline Hollywood that David S Goyer could be about to scribble ideas for his third Batman flick.

What a difference a day makes. Now Deadline ’s Nikki Finke is reporting that Christopher Nolan has officially signed up to direct the next Batman outing.

Yeah, yeah, talk about confirming what we already pretty much knew. Well, the big surprise is that Warner Bros have also asked Nolan “to play a ‘godfather’ role” on the new Superman flick, The Man Of Steel .

Great news for Supe fans wanting a new flick sometimes this century. Bad news for fans of Superman Returns : an insider has confirmed that the next film about the Son of Krypton will “definitely not be a followup to Superman Returns ".

Still, looks like the WB are desperate to get this right, recruiting their favourite blockbusting director to steer the franchise to financial and critical success.

Nolan isn’t expected to direct the next Supes flick, but with Bryan Singer occupied over at X-Men: First Class , we wouldn’t count him in, either. Could one of Nolan’s film buddies take the reins instead?

Back to Batman , and Nolan and co will have to work extra hard to escape the threequel curse that blights many a successful franchise. Can he do it? If anybody can, Nolan can.

Think the real Superman here is Nolan? Chuck us some comments below...

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