No official TV cable for new PSP at GB launch

September 3, 2007

Game retailers will not be receiving official TV cables for the new PSP when it launches in Britain on September 14.An officialspokesman for national retail chain GAMEtold GamesRadar that the cable, which is needed to play PSP games ona home TV set,would not be available at launch and that it was unknown when officialunits would arrive. It was also revealed thatthere won't be any colour choices available at launch - it's black only for now, with Ceramic White (and presumably the promised Ice Silver version) to follow at an unspecified date.

It seems odd that Sony would release the new model of PSP in Blighty without letting gamers enjoy its best new feature from day one. It's worth noting that PS3 doesn't ship with an HDMI cable (unlike Xbox 360 Elite), but this isn't just a case of 'doesn't have one in the box'. Apparently they just won't be available from the get-go.