No new PSP bundles for UK

Wednesday 13 September 2006
Sony has announced a brand new PSP bundle set to launch this Christmas but only US gamers will benefit from the PSP Entertainment Pack, Sony has confirmed.

The new pack features a copy of ATV Offroad Fury: Blazin' Trails, the Lords of Dogtown movie on UMD and a whopping 1GB memory stick - all for $250 (roughly £133). However, a Sony spokesman has informed us that the pack will not be released in the UK.

Above: Sony has confirmed we won't be getting this value-for-money pack but has no plans for a UK equivalent

With the contents worth around $50 more than the $250 asking price, it's clear that the pack is worth the cash - so why aren't we getting it? Our contact couldn't shed any light on the reasons behind the decision, and informed us that Sony doesn't have any immediate plans for similarly good-value UK bundle packs.

You would think that with PS3 delayed until March, Sony would want to keep the PlayStation flag flying this Christmas, and a well-priced PSP bundle might even have challenged Microsoft to consider dropping the price of Xbox 360. Well, maybe. As it is, chalk up another reason why this will be a Great British Christmas that Sony will want to forget as soon as possible.

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