No More Heroes scores US publisher

Sept 20, 2007

Ubisoft recently announced that they will be publishing No More Heroes and that the game is scheduled to hit North American retailers in February 2008. No More Heroes is the latest creation from Goichi Suda (aka Suda 51), the man who brought us Killer 7. If there's anything we can count on when it comes to titles from Suda 51, it's something different.

No More Heroes tells the tale of Travis Touchdown, an anime otaku who orders a katana off of eBay and finds himself thrown into a world of assassins and over-the-top craziness. The story's premise has been described in our past coverage as "Japan's take on America's take on Japan."

We can't wait to get our hands on Travis' katana to see how slicing and dicing feels with the Wii's controls. Until then, click here to check out our interview with the man behind the mayhem, Goichi Suda and visit theImagestab above for the latest stylish screens from No More Heroes.