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Wii | Submitted by blackmomba93

Beating Bad Girl

Destroy Stadium Basement

Bad girl is a fairly hard, yet entertaining boss and one of my personal favorites, here are some tips on beating her.

1.) Always stay very close to her, but just a little out of striking distance, sometimes even inside striking distance since there is only a few of her attacks you cannot block.

2.) When she powers up to do her downward bat swing, roll backward or to the side, and immediately after she's swung, charge in and lay up the combos on her.

3.) Always stay locked on to her an try to keep slowly circling her

4.)There is one attack she has where she will twirl her bat in her hands and and then do an unblockable downward swing. It's best to just block the bat twirls, then roll to th side before she hits you with the swing and then charge in and lay up the combos

5.) To get some extra damage on her, when you see Bad Girl charging up for her powerful home run swing, walk up to her, slash her real quick only once, and then roll to the side immediately after, This will cause her to swing at you and miss leaving her open for some slash combos.

5.)When you are within striking distance of her and she begins to rampantly hit you with her bat over and over again, she charges her last swing up a little bit. The charge up shot is blockable, but what you should do is eith roll away, and then charge in and start hitting her, or while she's charge dark-step around to her side and slash her up good.

6.)On some occasions, Bad Girl will light her bat on fire. This is where you ignore what I said before and stay a good bit away from her because she will start doing an unblockable downward slam that make a raises up a ring of fire that knocks you down. Just do what you've been doing throughout the whole battle and simply charge in and slash her up when she leaves herself open.

7.)When she start firing gimps from the conveyor belt, you don't have to dodge them. When she fires them at you simply just hit "A" when the gimps is about to fly in to you, this will bring up a signal telling you shake the wii-mote as fast as you can. Do this and you'll send the gimp flying back at her. She will eventually learn though and start batting the gimp back a you again once you have fired it back and in this case you'll have to deflect the gimp again by pressing "A" and shaking.

8.) DO NOT FALL FOR THE INSTANT KILL MOVE!!! Bad Girl will lay down on the ground as if she is hurt, but go within striking distance and she'll score an instant kill on you. Once she curses ad begins to get up, immediately charge in and do some slash combos.

9.)Be daring and don't try to play this one safe or else this battle WILL DRAG ON FOREVER!!! Sometimes go right up to her so she starts to hit you, then leaves herself vulnerable so that you can hit her (unless of course she's trying to lure you into her instant kill or her bat's on fire).

10.) And the most important thing of all, DON'T FORGET that naughty girls need spankings, but she's not a naughty girl she's a Bad Girl. The death scene of bad girl boasts the name of one of the most bloody/gorey moments in video game history.

Wii | Submitted by blackmomba93

Tips For Killing Henry

1.) Do NOT charge in like a dumbass rhino and go mad swinging your sword at him or he will kill you. Henry's attacks are extremely powerful and hard to avoid.

2.) Wait until after he strikes to start hitting him

3.) Avoid all of his charge up attacks

--If he squats down slightly and holds his sword so his blade is down and the handle is up and just stands there for a few seconds, do not stand very close to him or he will slash you HARD!

--Make sure to stop hitting him when he starts blocking your hits or he will do one of 2 charge-up rams that are also HARD!!!

--Henry is vulnerable for a half second after most of his charge up attacks so take this opportunity to lay down some combos.

--He has one charge up attack that will kill you no matter what where he stabs you, takes you in the air, and then ground pounds you. This is signified by him getting in a charge up stance so that he is squatting and he holds the sword handle over his shoulders and behind his head so that the blade comes out over his shoulder. He will also charge up on this move for just a little bit longer. The only way to dodge this one is to un-target him, get a ways back from him, and just keep running to the side, like towards a wall or something.

--If you see him charging up for a ram, either just keep rolling to the side, or un-target him and run to the side.


Henry has one really long slash combo of that if you get close to him, he will perform. It can put a serious dent in your health since it is un-blockable, but here's how to dodge it and then score combos on him.

--As soon as he starts performing the combo attack, stay locked on to him, don't stay to close to him, but not very far away either, and just keep rolling in a circle around him (personally, I prefer to roll to the left), and once he is done, dash up to him and slash him up until he starts blocking again.

5.) It's very risky, but if it looks like Henry isn't going to immediately attack you, try hitting him with a charged slash.

6.) Never, EVER attack Henry when he is charging up for something or he will either seriously hurt you or KILL you. Always try and avoid his charge up attacks.

6.) Whenever you get the opportunity to perform a wrestling move on Henry, take immediately because they are few and far between. Plus they cause him a good bit of damage, but you have to act quick or you won't get it.

7.) When you get the opportunity to get some slash combos on Henry, slash him until he starts blocking you and then immediately pull out and wait for your next opportunity.

8.) It's not wise to use the "shake-the-nunchuk" move where you do a short jumping slash because he will most likely block it and it leaves you open.

9.) Only go for the health box when you heart turns solid red and there's no more colored layers left

10.) During Henry's slash combos when your just rolling in a circle around him, you will occasionally catch him behind the back, the game will go slo-mo, and you can just slash the sh**

out of him

11.) Purposely try to get caught in weapon clashes because then you can get a free slash on him that put some damage in, but make sure not to swing your wii-mote around during these, always do short and extremely fast wrist flicking movements and you will win the weapon clash.

Okay, well that's all I have for you, and if you use the strategies (and don't be a noobish b**ch and only take cheap shots cause that ain't gonna get you anywhere but killed) I guarantee you that Henry will end up burning in hell.

Wii | Submitted by someoneudunno


NO.1 as soon as each beam katana comes out buy it here is the order of each katana 1 the bloodberry this is the katana you have at first 2 the tsubaki you have to purchase this 3 the tsubaki mk-II 3 and the finale the tsubaki mk-III.

NO.2 go to the thunder ryu building after every ranking battle to get your strength up to increase vitality and your combo

NO.3 find every bosses weakness and take advantage of it

NO.4 find lovikov balls his technique's are really helpful

thats it really mmm...

ohh yeah there are some hidden bike tricks i'd like to share with you

Jumping - Flick your wii remote up and your bike will jump

Skidding and Doughnuts - Just tilt your Wii Remote to one side left or right and brake you will then skid if you hold the brake button without releasing you will doughnut.

Wii | Submitted by ethan

First Boss

When he does a combo, at the end, he will do a big slash. Hit hit him in the back then do a wrestling move. After doing that a few times, he will split into 3 people. Use the block attack to kill them.

Wii | Submitted by curtw_819

Quick Get Up And Counter Strike

during any battle

During any battle if you get hit by an enemy's strong attack (charge up), right before you hit the ground press any button and Travis will do a windmill to get up.

During any battle (except ranked battles) when you are locked on a target and Travis blocks an attack, the beam katana will glow. If you quickly press A, Travis will do a jumping attack and kill all enemies close by.

Wii | Submitted by el_kazzanova

Powerful Death Blow

when you get the slow motion death blow arrow telling you on what direction to swing the Wii remote, swing the Wii remote on that direction twice really quick.

You will see Travi's katana glow more than normal, if this hits anybody around, it will kill them instead of just damaging them.


Wii | Submitted by blackmomba93

Another Killer 7 Reference

Destroy Stadium Basement

When you are in the fight with the ranked the assassin, Bad Girl, or on any assassination mission that takes place in the Destroy Stadium basement, try to get a closer look at the door of the cooler from which Bad Girl pulls out some beer and takes a drink. On the front in small letters, it says "Chiller 7." This is an obvious reference to Suda 51's previous game, Killer 7.


Wii | Submitted by sdfsda

Shirt 00

Shirt 00 - Unlock this shirt by beating the game.

Wii | Submitted by Cheetara

Pure White Giant Glastonbury

Beat the Rank 4 Battle. Then, go back to the motel and select your TV to play the game.

Wii | Submitted by Cheetara

Real Ending

To see the real ending, finish the game with all the beam katanas. If you do not have them, return to Santa Destroy and collect them all.

Wii | Submitted by Cheetara

Bitter Difficutly

Bitter Difficulty - Complete the game on Sweet or Mild and create a new save after the credits roll to unlock this harder difficulty

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