No more GameCubes

Nintendo has confirmed production of GameCubes has now ceased.

Speaking to the website GameDaily, Nintendo of America's Perrin Kaplan also confirmed that first-party game support for the console has come to an end.

Despite the discontinuations though, Nintendo still sees there being a market for GameCube. Kaplan was keen to highlight the qualities of GameCube as a "starter system," saying Wii's predecessor is no longer aimed at the core gamer.

"...just like the PS2 sold really well this past holiday, GameCube is a great starter system - price, ease, games, cost of games. Every one of the consoles has had its cycle and every single one of them has become a great starter system at the last leg of its cycle, and that's where GameCube's at."

She also explained Nintendo has "the inventory there for people to still purchase" the GameCube.

Kaplan went on to add there are plenty of GameCube games to pick from for those buying one as "my first console."

With its last-gen machine, Nintendo is now "going after the people who never really bought a system before, or finally it's at a price that they can afford for their family," she said.

February 22, 2007