No mod support in PS3 Unreal Tournament III

Dec 13, 2007

The US retail version of Unreal Tournament III (for PS3) is without the much-hyped PC mod support due to "legal/release issues," says Epic programmer Josh Adams.

Much noise was made about the PS3 being an open development, allowing for UT III to support PC mods on the console. Yet the final game has sneakily turned up without its mod support features, because they weren't ready on time.

"The PS3 mod tools aren't quite ready yet," Adams confessed, after baffled gamers tried their best to apply PC mods to the PS3 game. "We are working through some final legal/release issues.

"When it's ready, you will need to download the latest PC patch and another PS3 Mod Tools 'patch' that adds the full PS3 mod support to the PC version.

PC mods will then need to be processed for PS3 use,” Adams adds. "You will have to cook your mods for the PS3 specifically. You will also need removable media (memory card, USB drive, etc) to transfer the mod from your PC to your PS3."

When will the patch arrive? "We will have the tools ready ASAP!!" declares Adams on the official forums.

Meanwhile, Epic has also revealed that it's considering adding split-screen play to the PS3 game in a future update. "We're aware that some of our customers wanted split-screen for the PS3 version of UT3. We hear you and will evaluate the feature for possible future updates to UT3."

They need to add mouse pointer support for the UI, too. Just a thought.

Courtesy of CVG.