No Man's Sky standalone app lets you create and import bases

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A new standalone app enables players to create and import bases in No Man's Sky.

As retweeted by No Man Sky's creator Sean Murray with the words "holy moly", the No Man's Sky Base Building App does exactly what it says on the tin, simplifying - and speeding up - the base building process.

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The "Townscaper-esque" app offers "fun ways to move, snap, and color base parts" and is described as "simple, focussed, and made purposefully for No Man's Sky" so that there's "no need to learn Blender!"

Creator DjMonkey says that you can even import and export your new creation into the game.

"There are some missing things compared to the Blender add-on. So bear with any potential bugs and missing things compared to Blender," DjMonkey said, warning players that as it's still a work in progress, they are "expecting some bugs and issues".

Like the look of it? Head on over to Nexus to download it and give it a try (thanks, PC Gamer).

"We're launching on Switch and on PSVR 2, and we're really actively developing the game across so many platforms, and the team is still really small – like, laughably small," Sean Murray told GamesRadar+ when asked about his plans for the future earlier this year

"And then, on top of all of that, there's a bunch that people don't know about. I know where we're going with the next few No Man's Sky updates, which is exciting. 

"But there's also a bunch of other stuff that we haven't announced yet, and that's really exciting too. And I'm loving… I'm loving this part of development on that project as well. Developing without the public eye on me? It's really nice [laughs]." 

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