No Man's Sky players are crowdfunding a billboard thanking Hello Games and putting it right outside the studio

Like most people who play or write about games, I'm feeling overwhelmed after all the E3 2019 games that were shown this week. Last night I was a dried-up husk, the only thing marking me as a product of human civilization being the heavily scribbled list of games on my calendar. Today, I've been reborn through the power of wholesomeness thanks to the tenacious No Man's Sky community, which has banded together to purchase a billboard thanking developer Hello Games for its continued work on the game. Better still, as studio founder Sean Murray pointed out on Twitter, the billboard is going right outside the studio's Guildford, England office. 

"Hello Games has put in a heroic effort to get NMS to where it is today," crowdfunding campaign founder Cam G said on GoFundMe. "As a community on r/NoMansSkyTheGame we'd like to express our thanks. The funds will be used to print and install a billboard in Guildford UK, within walking distance of the Hello Games LTD office. I've made a very simple design but I'm open to changing it to get something we are all happy with."

The rough draft of the billboard's design is a common Reddit meme, but Cam G said they've "heard some great ideas about incorporating different meaningful design elements that I'm very open to." Personally I love the initial design because it's about as Reddit as it gets, but it would be cool to see other No Man's Sky art integrated too.

Art like this, for instance.

Art like this, for instance.

Just in case you thought this outpouring of support couldn't get any more wholesome, Cam G also confirmed that because this crowdfunding campaign has already raised nearly double its $1,750 goal, excess donations will "be used to buy games and donate them to disadvantaged [or] sick kids" through local charities. The campaign will remain open through July 14 to allow donors interested in supporting the additional charity cause to contribute. My heart. 

Critically, Cam G added that "a portion of the funds will also be used to buy a case of beer and lunch for the team," which reminds me of the time 343 Industries was bombarded with free pizza after Halo: The Master Chief Collection was announced for PC. Funnily enough, in an update to the campaign, Cam G said "someone mentioned that they were Domino's connoisseurs? Is this true?" 

I've got nothing to add, honestly. It's nice to see the community of a once-controversial (and rightfully criticized) game acknowledge a developer's remarkably successful efforts to turn things around. So you know what? I'm just going to share the most wholesome No Man's Sky stories we have. Here we go: 

After years of persistent updates from Hello Games, No Man's Sky is better than ever.  

Austin Wood

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