No Man's Sky creator Sean Murray is teasing something piratey

No Man's Sky
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Hello Games founder and No Man's Sky creator Sean Murray is cryptically teasing something apparently pirate-related on Twitter, and folks in the community have already compiled a list of wishes and theories as for what it could mean.

Seemingly without context, Murray shared a single pirate flag emoji to Twitter on Monday, sending fans into a tizzy. "Sea of Thieves crossover?" Kash Karoon wondered aloud. Meanwhile, Twitter user DefaNoob98 theorized that the flag might signify an overhaul of No Man's Sky's combat system, possibly allowing players to board enemy ships, which to be fair, is exactly what a pirate would try to do in No Man's Sky.

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In reality, there's no telling what Murray and co. are up to. They could be up to nothing and just enjoy posting pirate flags! Or, as suggested above, Murray could be teasing an upcoming Sea of Thieves update featuring No Man's Sky-themed cosmetics, which Rare likes to do every so often - but those kinds of updates are usually collabs with other first-party Xbox games, whereas No Man's Sky is multiplatform.

Assuming this is an actual tease for No Man's Sky, it's fun to think about how the game might embrace the pirate life. Being able to board enemy ships and steal loot would definitely add an intense new PvP element to No Man's Sky, but we might be getting ahead of our skies here a bit. For now, it's just a pirate flag, but tomorrow it could be an announcement for something really cool. We'll just have to wait and see, but then patience has never been a pirate's strong suit.

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