No GTA: The Trilogy for UK... yet

Wednesday 8 November 2006
GTAIII, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas are to be bundled together into Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, to be released in the US before Christmas, but publisher Rockstar has confirmed to GamesRadar that it doesn't have any plans to release it in the UK - at the moment.

Combining all three of PS2's original GTA titles, but excluding the PSP port of Liberty City Stories, the pack is due to appear on US shelves from 4 December at the bargainous price of $40, which translates into real money at about £21.

Aimed at the tiny proportion of people who don't own any of the three seminal games (my mother, aliens, the undead), the pack mirrors the one released on Xbox a year ago, which did make it to Blighty. But a call to Rockstar confirmed that it doesn't have any plans to release the trio of titles again over here. Well, "not for the foreseeable future," anyway.