No fix incoming for Mass Effect Andromeda's animation says lead designer. You're seeing the day one game

Mass Effect: Andromeda's animation has been getting plenty of attention since the game arrived early for members of EA Access, and not for the best reasons.

Lead designer, Ian Frazier, has been bravely answering questions on a few Mass Effect: Andromeda issues, and the animation was one of those things addressed. 

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Frazier answered this and many other questions after confirming the day one patch for the game had been included in the EA Access version, which is what everyone's currently playing. 

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Some of the questions have been quite specific, like if Peebee's 'backwards gun' bug will be fixed: 

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Short answer: no. 

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Basically, the game as it's currently appearing is what people will be playing on day one. There are more patches on on the way, so other things will be fixed but for the time being what you see is what you get.

Find out everything we know about Mass Effect Andromeda here, and tune back next week for our full review.

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