Mass Effect Andromeda's animations are getting compared to Pingu, robots and gorillas [Updated]

[UPDATED: People are finding more weird animations and glitches which I've added at the bottom.]

Mass Effect Andromeda's animation is under scrutiny again as players get an early go on the game via EA Access. It's... generating some mixed results, with players capturing videos of patchy, uncanny-valley, facial movements and some extremely interesting walking animations. (Although Mass Effect Andromeda reactions overall seem positive). 

Animation was one of the things criticised early on when the game was revealed, so much so that Bioware's general manager Aaryn Flynn responded, citing a 'performance bug' the team were going to improve.

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Have they succeeded? Judge for yourself.

NeoGAF has been rounding up the best (worst) examples, and faces have been getting a lot of flack for their 'interesting' emotional range. (There's a few mild spoilers in a couple of videos if you've been avoiding everything, but nothing that hasn't been revealed officially.) 

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This video also shows off some of the acting and dialogue which is also getting shredded, fairly or not, by fans. Listen out for the un-ironic uttering of 'my face is tired'.  

And it's not just Sara Ryder getting singled out, Scott is having his moments

As well as the lack of emotion, the way the faces are moving is being questioned, leading this post to compare the cast to Pingu for reasons about to become clear...

The Pingu comparisons don't stop there either: walking is also somewhat creatively tackled in Andromeda, as pointed out by this post's comparison

In fact the walking generally is getting picked out as much as the facial animation. Here's one more comparison:

And another (from the same post):

However, as far as Mass Effect Andromeda walks go, this obviously glitched animation is the one to beat: 

Since publishing this story more examples have turned up: 

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There's there's this weird face and hair combo, posted simply with the sentence: "Oh god what is going on with my Ryder..."

Then there's this one

This one

Then we've got sperse mern here

This raises some questions about how revival actually works. With electricity by the looks of things. 

Find out everything we know about Mass Effect Andromeda here, and tune back next week for our full review, when we'll be in a better position to tell you if the wonky animation is just an amusing aside, or symptomatic of the wider experience.

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