Nioh 2 gets a new gameplay trailer ahead of a closed alpha starting this Friday

We haven't heard much about Nioh 2 since its announcement last year, so it was nice to see Team Ninja break the silence today with a new gameplay trailer. Better still, the studio also confirmed that the upcoming sequel will get a closed alpha test on PS4 from this Friday, May 24, through Sunday, June 2. 

"Some PS4 users are invited to take part in the Nioh 2 closed alpha to help gather feedback for the development," Team Ninja said in a tweet. "To ensure the team can manage the feedback, there are no plans to expand the alpha at the moment, but please keep an eye on our channels for more info in the future." 

It's unclear how or if players can put in for a spot in the closed alpha. It sounds like it's invite-only, so cross your fingers if you're hoping to sample Nioh 2's revamped combat. Judging from the new trailer, the sequel will feature new fighting styles, and potentially new characters or classes. In addition to armor-clad samurai wielding twin axes and longswords, the trailer shows what looks like a shrine maiden wielding a spear. Whoever she is, she's got some sweet magic up her long, blessed sleeves. 

Nioh 2's E3 reveal trailer focused on a demonic warrior, and it looks like that was more than just for show. The new trailer shows a special combat mode which lets you "unleash your darkness" and turn into a demon yourself. Three different demon forms were shown - respectively wielding a giant club, daggers, and a levitating glaive - which suggests your demon mode will also tie into character and/or weapon customization. That's just speculation, mind, but it certainly looks like some cool demonic stuff is on the way. Oh, and let's not forget this little guy at the end of the trailer: 

I don't know who or what that skeleton wizard is, but I love him.

Not familiar with Team Ninja's distinctly Japanese stab-'em-up? Check out our review of the original Nioh.  

Austin Wood

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