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NintendoTV on YouTube!

Our friends at Official Nintendo Magazine UK have a new episode of Nintendo TV ready for you. Let them tell you about this week's goodness:

For the first time ever you can watch the latest NintendoTV on YouTube.

The weekly show, which is powered by the Official Nintendo Magazine is usually only available on the Wii’s Nintendo Channel. If you haven’t seen NintendoTV yet then click hereto see what you’re missing.

Check out this week’s episode for some exclusive footage from the brand new Lego Pirates of the Caribbean game and also see what happened when Gav went Mii hunting with his 3DS at the Kapow Comic Con.

If you like what you see then check out your Wii’s Nintendo Channel every Friday for a brand new episode of NintendoTV News.

You can let us know what you think of the latest episode on ourFacebookandTwitterpages.

May 6, 2011