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Nintendo working to avoid a Wii-like 3DS shortage

Nintendo is working hard with manufacturers to ensure there are more than enough 3DS systems to go around when it launches later this year. If you attempted to buy a Wii at any time during its first six months of availability, you'll understand why.

The Wii shortagewas legendary - the system was nearly as hard to find as aTickle Me Elmo doll, and it continued to be a challenge to track one down even months into the new year. That will apparently not be the case with the upcoming 3DS - Nintendo plans to have 1.5 million units available for the Japanese launch, significantly more than it had for the Wii. It's also more than any DS launch. Japan has previously had sell-out problems with the DS, althoughthat hasn't been a huge issue in the US.

"It's important that we ensure a continuous supply [of the 3DS]," said Nintendo president Satoru Iwatato Japanese business source Nikkei.

When the new portable system launches in the US and Europe, Nintendo expects to sell a global total of four million units, though we don't know how many it plans to ship on launch, or the exact pricing details.

More information shouldcome to lightlater this month, when Nintendo holds simultaneous events in the US and Europe to answer all of our bubbling questions.


Jan 10, 2011