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Nintendo will continue selling Wii U Basic, is adjusting inventory

Nintendo has no plans to stop selling Wii U Basic packages, despite recall notices allegedly given to GameStop employees. Nintendo said it is making supply adjustments to balance the $300 package with its $350 Deluxe counterpart in a statement to Polygon.

"There is a current misperception about Wii U hardware," a Nintendo representative said. "To clarify: Nintendo is working with its retail partners to simply rebalance the stock of the White 8GB and the Black 32GB Wii U models in the market. Consumers looking for either model will continue to find them available."

Previous reports indicated GameStop would on June 18 cease selling the 8 GB white Basic version. If that is indeed the case, it's not Nintendo's doing.

A 32 GB white system was recently announced in Japan. We'll find out more about Nintendo's worldwide plans for the system in its E3 Nintendo Direct on June 11.

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