Nintendo to star at E for All Expo

Announced earlier this month, the Entertainment for All Expo is starting to take shape. Thoughrumorsof big-name attendees have swirled about the internet recently, today we have confirmation that Nintendo will definitely be coming to the party as the "flagship exhibitor."

Set to take place October 18-21 in Los Angeles, E for All is planned to be a massive convention where big game companies will come and show off all their fancy new whozits and whatzits before they are released. Sound a bit like E3? Well get this - they are actually going to admit anybody who wants to buy a ticket and attend! So Evan Everyman and Suzie Somebody will be as welcome as Donna Developer and Jerry Journalist, if not more so.

E for All is set to include "high-profile videogame tournaments," a job fair, and a Video Game Live concert. With all this videogamery on display, one can imagine that "All" will end up being a very specific crowd. But without any stylus-wielding, Brain Age-loving octogenarians around, who is going to keep the flood of shamelessly targeted advertising blitzes at bay? I mean, we like booth babes as much as the next male, age: 13-35, but here's hopin' that E for All manages to avoid the flashy, exploitative marketing saturation that dragged E3 to its doom.

Above: Industry types play the hottest game at E3 2006, Line Waiter: Black Lanyard Edition

March 29, 2007