Nintendo Switch Online patch has made Ocarina of Time foggy again

Link plays the Ocarina of Time
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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Mario Kart 64 have both received fog again thanks to the latest Nintendo Switch Online patch.

As spotted by Nintendo Life, Twitter user @OatmealDome noticed that the Nintendo Switch Online 2.0.0 update includes a number of game configuration fixes. Most notably one that brings back the fog found in both Ocarina of Time and Mario Kart 64.

According to OatmealDome’s tweet, the Water Temple room in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time now sports a layer of fog, when it didn’t previously. Another Twitter user, @Ferchou_27, also spotted the fog making a comeback in the Forest Temple entrance of Ocarina of Time - where it was noticeably missing at launch - and also in the Choco Mountain course in Mario Kart 64. 

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A quick search through Twitter reveals that the fog isn’t the only thing to have been fixed in the Nintendo Switch Online 2.0.0 update. Another Twitter user, @GamingBoy256 also shared that they had noticed Paper Mario has had its Watt death bug also patched out. Apparently, before the fix, if players died with Watt as your partner, it would crash the app. 

It’s possible that these aren’t the only minor things Nintendo has fixed within its Nintendo Switch Online N64 emulator. In fact, @OatmealDome has also claimed that an "unknown code patch" was also added to Banjo Kazooie. But it looks as though this could have been an incredibly minor fix due to no one reporting online that they’ve noticed any changes within the Nintendo 64 game yet. 

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