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Nintendo reveals new games, Wii Ware

Oct 10, 2007

During its fall conference call this morning, Nintendo has unloaded seemingly all the announcements it's got left for 2007, revealing new games and finally offering details of the Wii Ware download service.

On the game front, the company revealed Super Mario Stadium Baseball, yet another sporting foray for the less-than-athletic plumber, where we're assuming you'll be swinging the remote like a bat and wondering why you paid for a game you got for free in Wii Sports.

More exciting for series fans is the confirmation of a DS version of Fire Emblem, a Wii-exclusive Monster Hunter 3 from Capcom and news that Wii Fit will be released in Japan this December for the bargain price of 8,800 yen ($75).

The first details also emerged on the long-promised Wii Ware download service along with two titles coming to Wii Ware in the near future. The first is a new Pokémon title for Wii Ware called Pokémon Farm, which has you transfer your monsters from Diamond and Pearl and snuggle them up in your own critter barn. The second is a veiled attempt to make us utter sick of Final Fantasy called Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles: The Small King and the Promised Country. Yes, that’s right, another new installment for the series which sounds like a spin-off of the traditional co-op Chronicles series.

Finally, and most importantly (in our opinion), the house of Wii revealed new tantalizing details on the Wii version of Mario Kart, now due for release in spring 2008.Check out Peach on that bike!

Courtesy of CVG.