Nintendo: latest 3DS update crashes Ridge Racer 3D

3DS owner? Listen, if you also have a DSi stocked with download titles and a copy of Ridge Racer 3D, you may want to hold off on installing the latest 3DS system update. The update, which adds an Internet browser to the home screen and crucially allows your DSi purchases to be transferred to the 3DS, has been confirmed by Nintendo to contain hinky code that can crash Ridge Racer 3D.

Above: Think of a bad pun that uses the word crash in both a car and computer software sense. Imagine that joke here.

Nintendo themselves have warnedthat after the system update, %26ldquo;certain circumstances%26rdquo; can cause the game to freeze up before a race, necessitating a restart but not, fortunately, wiping your save data. A further update, due in mid June, will rectify the problem, so your DSi purchases and Ridge Racer 3D playtime can remain intact, and %26ndash; hang on, can we just address this? What kind of strange life decisions caused you to own both a DSi and Ridge Racer 3D? They're both decent enough, but doesn't owning both overwhelmingly adequate products %26ndash; we called the DSi %26ldquo;a bit extraneous%26rdquo; and RR3D %26ldquo;simple and bare-bones%26rdquo; %26ndash; seem weird? Like, what else do you have, signed copies of every movie Greg Kinnear's ever made? Is this just me? Okay, nevermind.

Look, don't update your 3DS yet if you want to keep playing Ridge Racer 3D. That's all.

June 8, 2011