Nintendo confirms 3DS Ambassadors will get all their free games this year

Nintendo has confirmed it'll still be delivering the full complement of free download titles to participants in its 3DS Ambassador program before the end of the year. The GBA titles which have been revealed in the program thus far are all doozies, giving the remaining mystery-gifts plenty to live up to. So what might they be?

Above: Or "Ambassador Program," if you prefer (which Nintendo's "neat consumer graphics" department clearly doesn't)

So far, US 3DS owners who bought the system before August's price cut have been promised free downloads of the GBA's Mario Kart: Super Circuit (which you won't care about after you've picked up Mario Kart 7), Metroid Fusion (a timeless classic), Mario Vs. Donkey Kong (another fine title), WarioWare Inc (the first, and arguably best entry in the series), Kirby and the Amazing Mirror (a stellar Kirby adventure), and Super Mario Land 3: Yoshi's Island (a must-play). Nintendo maintains these titles will remain exclusive to early-purchasing Ambassadors, whose remaining treats are yet to be announced.

Other Nintendo top-sellers on the system include Golden Sun, Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past/Four Swords or Minish Cap – all of which also made our list of the GBA's best games. There's also the 0.0000000000000001% chance Nintendo will finally take this as an excuse to release Mother 3 in English-speaking countries, thus eliminating all ill will over the price drop. We canvassed you a while back on which titles you'd like to see in the program: suggestions included Metroid: Zero Mission, Advance Wars and a rather firm endorsement of that Golden Sun idea. Any others?