Nintendo briefing's greatest hits

Earlier this month, we reported on Nintendo's corporate briefing that touched on Wii launch dates, pricing and a few DS tidbits as well. Now, that entire meeting has been transcribed for everyone's reading pleasure - but who wants to read the entire thing? Luckily, our sister site Next Generation has shaken the meeting down into 20 key points you need to know.

Headherefor the details. One of the more interesting points we came across was Nintendo president Satoru Iwata's comments on software pricing. Will Wii games be an Xbox 360-like $60 a pop or what? Iwata suggests that each game should be viewed independently, based on its own merits (development costs, volume, theme and contents). The DS seems to already be heading that direction, what with Big Brain and other easygoing games launching at $20.

There's plenty of data worth discovering, so be sure to make theleap.

June 21, 2006