Nintendo 3DS XL announced, sports bigger screens

UPDATE: Click here to get all the facts on the new 3DS XL

If you expected Nintendo to announce a new 3DS model at this year's E3, they decided to make you wait just a bit longer. During tonight's Nintendo Direct livestream, Nintendo's president Satoru Iwata unveiled the upgraded 3DS, entitled the Nintendo 3DS XL.

This heftier model features a much larger top screen, measuring at 4.88 inches, as well as a bigger lower touch screen sized at 4.18 inches. Strangely, it also seems to be missing a second analog stick. The new model will come with three color choices, depending on your region: plain white, red and black, or black and silver for Japan and Europe; pure black, blue and black, and red and black for the US. It will also boast a longer battery life than the 3DS, clocking in at 3.5 to 6.5 hours with 3DS games and 6 to 10 hours for DS games. An AC adapter will not be included with the unit in Japan, but it will be compatible with the current AC adapter (and it'll come with one in other territories).

Known as the Nintendo 3DS LL in Japan, this model will start retailing in Europe and Japan on July 28th for 18,900 yen. The US will get the 3DS XL a bit later on August 19th for $199.99. Want to know which games you should play to get the most out of the XL's larger screens? Check out our list of the best 3DS games, then start saving up.

Lucas Sullivan

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